We ensure digital customer retention and new customer acquisition in carwash businesses.

Discover our worldwide unique marketing concept especially for car wash and self-service facilities.
We don’t just provide digital advertising, we deliver well thought-out marketing campaigns that pack a punch. 

These companies already trust in us.

Why go standard when you can go premium?

In our work, we focus primarily on,
monetizing your existing customer base in the best possible way.

The target group of a car wash is limited to a radius of a few kilometers. Wouldn’t it therefore first make sense to strengthen customer loyalty in order to increase the average frequency of visits as well as the shopping cart value with individual offers?

This is followed by the acquisition of new customers.

Digital customer engagement has never been so easy.

Indispensable for our marketing concept is the use of the messenger services Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. 

For you, we create a two-way communication channel to your customers. This allows you to automatically request information or send important offers via push notification. 

These messenger services we're using.




We've got you covered.

Our concept was developed in close cooperation with carwash operators from Germany and the U.S. We have placed particular emphasis on ensuring that our measures do not involve any effort for you as the operator and are still as transparent as possible. 

In addition, our concept is compatible with your existing online marketing activities, so that a seamless transition or a supplement for you is no effort. 

This is how our work pays off for you.

Online reviews

Social media presence

Social media content

No scattering losses

Increase of the washing frequency

Increase of the customer lifetime value

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